Sardar Review: How is Karthi’s movie ‘Sardar’?

Karthi who owns a strong market in Telugu, every movie he acts in in Tamil is released in Telugu as well. After ‘Khaidi’, his film ‘Sardar’ is coming to the audience again for Diwali. This is a film where Karthi played a dual role as a policeman and a spy. Released in Telugu by Annapurna Studios. And how about ‘Sardar’? Is it another victory for Karthi?

Story: Vijay Prakash (Karthi) is a police inspector. He is often trending on social media. Such are his punctuality and intelligence. Before working, he makes sure that there is no media around. Once he knows that, he starts his work. Being trending is crazy. An important file from Andhra University will be lost. It is known that there are military secrets in it. CBI and RAW officials will enter the field to find out where the file is. Knowing the matter, Vijay Prakash tries hard to find that file which will make him more popular. In that sequence, Vijay Prakash comes to know about his father Sardar (Karthi) and his mission. Who is the Sardar branded as a traitor? Where is he? How did Vijay Prakash become a part of the mission he undertook? The rest of the story goes on with other things.

How it is: Director P.S.Mithran is adept at touching current issues and social issues with his stories. His films ‘Abhimanyudu’ and ‘Hero’ entertained the Telugu audience. This time, he made a film with a spy story, touching on the issue of privatization of water management, which is the lifeblood of millions of people. What did some selfish people do to put water in their mouths in the name of one country one pipeline? For that, it is important to know how a person who was branded a traitor somewhere in the dark came out and broke the heights of selfish people. The movie starts with a formulaic story. Introducing the character of Sardar in a flashback, the director then introduced hero Vijay Prakash. All the beginning goes with fun scenes between the hero heroines. As the story progresses, the interest in the movie will increase. This story is not new either. But the director has succeeded in engaging the audience. The film revolves around the death of social activist Sameera (Laila) and the search for a missing file. Such stories and stories are not new to the Indian screen. The action-oriented film does not add any special flair even in terms of fight scenes. But Karthi impresses with his acting in both roles. Especially the way the character of the spy has been shaped and the naturalness added to it makes the ticket price worth it.

Who did it: Hero Karthi has given a good performance as a father in the role of a spy and as a young man in the role of a policeman. The care taken in his makeover is good. He also looks stylish in the role of a policeman. Raashi Khanna as Shalini makes noise in the role of a lawyer. Laila and Rajisha Vijayan will be seen in pivotal roles in the story. Chunky Pandey’s acting as Rathore’s role is impressive. Technically the film is superior. Jeeves Prakash’s music brought life to the film. The camera and editing departments have done what is required for the film. Director Mithran has made this film with a solid mass story in keeping with Karthi’s image and his style. The structure is good.

Finally: Sardaar… Interesting Spy Thriller with Karthi Super Acting

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