Saying that we will provide a film opportunity.! Finally.!

Those who seek opportunities in the film industry continue to face insults. They also prepare a batch to cheat those who come for the opportunity. Most of those who get cheated like this are girls. The male beasts harass them sexually, thwarting their hope.

Recently, a girl who saw an advertisement on a TV channel called the number given in the advertisement for a movie opportunity. With that, they gave the name of the production that made movies in Telugu in all languages ​​and gave a hotel address. With that, the innocent girl went to the place they said. They booked a hotel room and had a good castely meal. They told her to be ready for the make-up test tomorrow, gave her an address and left. She went to the place they told her in the morning and took photos with a photographer.

With that, she celebrated as if I had become a heroine. She was told that you have been selected and told that she has to discuss the story in the night hotel. Finally Knight came with him and three others talked for a while and said that the director will come and left. Half an hour later a gentleman came and sexually assaulted her. When she dialed the number she called, the answer was switch off. If you stop him early in the morning, they say that he is a big shot in the city, that even if you file a complaint, you will not get justice, you will lose your reputation, and they sent him back to the village with the bus fare in his hand. In fact, they took fifty thousand rupees as a bait for that big shot.

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