Shock: Man dies of heart attack while watching Kantara movie.

It is known that the Kannada dubbing movie Kantara, which came with a different concept, is very impressive to the audience. Even though four movies are releasing on Diwali, this movie is collecting huge collections with house fulls. The investment has already received many times more money.

Everyone who saw the movie said that it was amazing, they felt like they were in another world while watching this movie, and many celebrities said that they got goose bumps and shed tears in the climax. The ordinary audience also had the same experience. However, a man died of a heart attack after watching this movie. Going into details..

The incident took place at Venkateswara Theater in Nagamangala, Mandya District, Karnataka State. A man named Rajasekhar died of a heart attack while coming out after watching the movie Kantara. The person in question is a resident of Sarimegalakoppa in Nagamangala taluka. Yesterday he came to the cinema to watch the movie Venkatesh Kantara. While watching Kantara movie, Rajasekhar got chest pain. He collapsed there. He was rushed to the hospital and Rajasekhar was said to have died of a heart attack.

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