Shocking: Diwali movies have more plapena..!!

This time four movies have been released for Diwali. Among them Manchu Vishnu Jinnah, Karti Sardar, Sivakarthikeyan’s ‘Prince’ and Vishwak Sen’s ‘Ori Devava’ are movies. In fact, none of these movies are throwaway movies, but their collections are minimal.

If we take Jinnah movie first, the collections are worst. So far, the film has collected only Rs.41 lakh share in four days. Trade sources say that there is no chance of this movie getting any better. On the other hand, Vishwak Sen’s hero came in ‘Ori Deva..!’ The film’s collections are very low. The film’s share in four days is Rs. 3.82 crores. The profit target of this movie is Rs.6 crores. And Vishvak Sen’s film is not a safe project unless it collects Rs.2.18 crores.

The condition of Sivakarthikeyan’s ‘Prince’ movie is also bad. The film collected a share of Rs 2.37 crore in Telugu states in four days. The film still needs to collect a share of Rs.4.63 crores to break even. So this movie is also likely to flop. And among these movies, Karthi’s ‘Sardar’ is a bit better.. This movie collected Rs.4.80 crore share in four days in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. That means, if another Rs.70 lakh is collected, it will be a safe project and will be profitable. In the current situation, this movie alone is likely to make a profit.

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