Singer Geetamadhuri’s husband had an accident..! |

It is impossible to tell when and how something will happen in the film industry. In this sequence, some people fall ill and some others pass away. Meanwhile, it seems that Geetamadhuri’s husband, who recently became known as a famous singer, Nandu, who became known as a hero, met with an accident.

At the beginning of his career, he was doing side characters and finally he is trying to establish himself as a hero. Nandu, who scored a big hit with the movie Savari, has now completely changed his fortunes. It is known that recently Jabardasth anchor has done a blockbuster movie along with Rashmi Gautam. But this movie did not work out as expected. With this the Beast turned into Modi.

According to the latest information, he seems to have had a minor accident. Currently, a photo related to that has become very viral on social media. In that photo, it looks like the leg is tied. However, the matter of how this happened has not been revealed yet. Currently, Nandu is busy with cricket commentary and movies. It is reported that Geetamadhuri is getting emotional after such an incident happened at such a time. Fans are holding their breath as they look a little cooler in the dubbing room. Anyway, what happened to him? Why are you tied? Not knowing that, fans are expressing concern.

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