Singer Sunitha checked the pregnancy rumours..!

There is nothing special to say about the singer Sunitha who entertains the audience with her amazing voice in the Telugu film industry. Her words feel like a song to her fans.. She sings songs with such a great voice that it feels like nectar. Sunita is a singer with such a sweet voice.. She not only sings songs but also worked as a dubbing artist for many heroines with her amazing voice. Meanwhile, she became the target of various rumors after marrying Ram Veerapane, head of Mango Media.

The news that she is going to be a mother soon has gone viral. Sunitha, who did not respond to these till now, tried to give clarity by responding to the news going viral day by day. Sunita herself responded to this, Am I pregnant..? She said, “I don’t know about that. They are making rumors like that, so I am leaving it to their way of thinking.. What can they do with my life and me?”

Sunita’s son Akash will soon be introduced as a hero. Gangnamoni Shekhar is directing this film titled Sarkar Naukari. It is noteworthy that K Raghavendra Rao is producing this movie under the banner of RK Tele Show. If this movie is a hit, it can be said that Sunita’s son is a success as a hero.

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