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No way.. It is said that there are people like you in India. The cab driver..

Director Hanuraghavapudi’s movie Sita Ramam became a super hit. Apart from receiving positive reviews from all sections of the audience, the film has also jumped in terms of collections. Malayalam star Dulquer Salmaan and Bollywood cutie Mrinal Thakur were paired together, this movie was released on August 5 and became a blockbuster hit. This beautiful love story set in the backdrop of war has touched the hearts of the southern audiences. Still this movie is getting good response in those areas. Also.. recently released in Hindi also got good talk. Not only the content of this movie.. the songs are also impressive. Music director Vishal Chandrasekaran has hooked the audience. Dulquer Salman, who was already introduced to the Telugu audience with the movie Mahanati, is once again close to the audience with this movie.

A month after the release of this movie, the movie craze is not decreasing. The makers recently released a deleted scene from Seetharam. In it, Rashmika goes to a palace in a cab while searching for Sita Mahalakshmi. In the rush, she forgets her bag in the cab and goes inside. After a while came back for the bag and was still here with the driver. No way.. It is said that there are people like you in India. Cab driver for that.. Everyone in India is like me. The dialogue where he said, Madam, I can’t take your bag and send the honor of my country with you, is impressive. Netizens are commenting why the scene with such a wonderful dialogue was removed. It stars Rashmika, Tarun Bhaskar, and Sumanth in key roles.

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