Sonal Chauhan: Sonal Chauhan was injured in the shooting.. also broke his leg.. | Sonal Chauhan breaks her leg while shooting for Nagarjuna’s Ghost movie

We see heroes and heroines getting injured in movie shoots.

We see heroes and heroines getting injured in movie shoots. Recently, this woman also did the same thing, even though her leg was broken, she shocked everyone by doing action scenes without any calculation. Who is that sweetheart? Sonal Chauhan. Usually heroines are very sensitive. It is sad to see such cuties working hard and watching the action scene. What is the condition of the fans if they break their eyes and hands like this..Now fans are feeling the same after seeing Sonal. Sonal is currently playing the heroine in Nagarjuna’s Ghost movie.

The shooting of this movie, which is being made as an action entertainer, is going on at a fast pace. Action scenes are being shot as part of this shooting. But it seems that Sonal Chauhan got injured during the shooting. It seems that Sonal broke her leg while practicing for a high voltage action sequence. Doctors advised that six to eight weeks of rest is necessary. Doctors said that at least it is not possible to walk. But regardless of this, Sonal immediately practiced for the action scenes of the movie Ghost. Photos related to this are going viral on social media.

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