Sreehan, who released the Bigg Boss sketch, commented that their love is for the show!

telecasted Big the boss reality show Everyone knows about this program in Telugu The sixth season aired will be

  Sreehan Released The Bigg Boss Sketch, Commented That Their Love Is For The Show , Sreehan ,bigg Boss Sketch ,reality Show,arjun , Sri Satya,vasanti , Neha ,love

If not Big the boss Every season in the program Between some couples love Track s is running. However Big the boss In the house Peekallothu is seen to be in love and after the contestant comes out, they will see who’s way.

But all this is just to increase interest in the show just for A large audience expects the moderators to create similar content.

  Sreehan Released The Bigg Boss Sketch Commented That Their Love Is For The Show -Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Like every season in this order also in the sixth season Big the boss Similar between contestants Love tracks He is trying hard to create.

Contestant in this order Arjun with Sri Satya Pulihora is seen wandering around trying to get her together. Arjun is trying hard to bring down Mr. Satya.

But she took this matter very lightly Neha Chaudhary Sri Satya Arjuna What is the real difference? That said questioned.

Telugu Arjun, Love, Neha, Reality Show, Sreehan, Sri Satya, Vasanti-Movie

Neha Chaudhary asked this question and Srihan immediately said that there is something between them. That said Neha responded to Srihan’s words like this Arjun VasantiThis is a triangle, isn’t it? love The story is mine That said She expresses doubts. When Neha Chaudhary expresses doubts like this, Srihan both of them once Show They do this for That said Big the boss Sketch The whole is put out.

As Srihan’s tongue slips like this Big the boss Just Show Just like this for love It is known that he will create tracks.


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