Star cricketer is Anushka’s crush..!

Anushka is also one of the top heroines in the Telugu film industry. He has been in the industry for 17 years but is yet to get married. But Anushka’s wedding is becoming a hot topic from time to time. There are also reports that Anushka and Prabhas are in love and will get married soon. It is noteworthy that even though the elders in the family have also agreed to their marriage, not a single news about their marriage has come out.

According to the latest information, Anushka cheated on Prabhas and claimed to have a crush on the star cricketer. Now, various stories are coming out. Recently, Anushka Shetty, who took part in an interview, revealed that she has a crush on the cricketer. As a result, the news that Anushka has fallen in love with a cricketer has gone viral. But everyone thought that the cricketer would be Captain Cool Mahendra Singh or Virat Kohli. But Anushka shocked everyone by saying that she likes Rahul Dravid of the Indian cricket team.

At that time, Rahul Dravid had a following in full form. Rahul means girls who fall and die. Star heroine Anushka is also one of such girls. Even fell in love with him. This is not the first time that an actress has a crush on a cricketer. Before Anushka, many heroines expressed their love for handsome cricketers and got married after that. Let’s see what happens in her case.

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