Star heroes who married their own daughters..!

Compared to the generation of yesteryear, today’s generation heroes and heroines love and marry whomever they like.. But during the era of NTR and ANR.. more people showed interest in marrying whomever their family members saw. He also married his uncle’s daughters and aunt’s daughters. People in the film industry do not marry people in their own kinship. They do not show any real interest in marrying their nieces and nephews who have been together since childhood.

Because being together since childhood, there is a feeling that if you become a life partner, you will not have that feeling. But some people got married on their own accord as per the wishes of their parents.. Let’s see who they are now..

Mohan Babu – Vidya Devi, Nirmala Devi:

Collection King Mohan Babu was earlier married to Vidya Devi. Good Lakshmi and Manchu Vishnu were born to this couple. However, Vidya Devi did not like Mohan Babu’s neglect of his wife by concentrating on his films and committed suicide. After that, with Dasari’s help, Mohan Babu got married again to Vidya Devi’s own sister, Nirmala Devi.

NTR – Basavatarakam:

Natarathna NTR married his own uncle’s daughter Basavatharakam. That is why NTR also married his daughter Basavatharaka at a young age and gave birth to 11 children.

Super Star Krishna – Indira Devi :
Tollywood superstar Krishna married his second daughter Indira Devi. This couple has two sons and three daughters.

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