Swathi Mutyam: Still further ‘Swathi Mutyam’!

Swathi Mutyam: Still further 'Swathi Mutyam'!

Swathi Mutyam: Bellamkonda Ganesh was introduced as a hero in the movie ‘Swathi Mutyam’. This movie was released in theaters on 5th of this month. Although it got positive talk from the audience, the collections did not reach the expected level. With that, the AHA company felt that this movie should be shown in OTT as soon as possible. A statement was issued accordingly on Wednesday. It has been said that ‘Swati Mutyam’ is going to be streamed on Aaha on 28th of this month.

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However, after a few hours, it changed its mind and announced that it is going to stream ‘Swatimutyam’ on the 24th as a Diwali gift as per public demand. That means… this movie is coming in OTT within 19 days of its release. So… on the occasion of Diwali festival, you can enjoy this family entertainer with side dishes!
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