Swati Mutyam movie in OTT so early..!!

In the film industry, some calculations are difficult. On which day the movie is going to be released, as well as OTT deals and TV channel deals are all executed properly. But a small movie is going to be released on OTT within 20 days of its release. This has surprised everyone.

That movie was Bellamkonda Ganesh’s first film “Swathimutyam” where he was introduced as the younger brother of Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas. This movie is directed by Laxman K Krishna. The heroine Varsha Bollamma acted as the heroine in this movie and this movie, which was released as a gift this Dussehra, made everyone laugh.

However, an agreement has also been made with the famous company Aha, who has taken the streaming rights of this movie. But the makers have made a small change in it. Actually the movie is supposed to hit streaming on October 28. But the poster said that this movie is going to be streamed from October 24. There is no possibility of this movie being in the theater in the midst of so many movies, and it will be coming to OTT early as it will be released on the occasion of Diwali festival. Moreover, movie sources say that the OTT agreement was made during the shooting stage of this movie. That’s why the movie is coming early

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