T20 World Cup 2021, Points Table: Increased competition for fourth place in T20 World Cup semifinals .. You are in the points table .. Nena .. | T20 world cup 2021 points table england australia and pakistan booked a place in the semifinals battling for fourth place of the tournament

T20 World Cup 2021, Points Table: Increased competition for fourth place in the T20 World Cup semifinals .. You are in the points table .. Nena ..

T20 World Cup 2021 Points T

The situation is becoming clearer as 4 teams compete for the title in the ICC T20 World Cup 2021. The remaining three teams are yet to be decided after Pakistan enters the final-4. The names of the two teams were finalized based on Saturday’s match results. England and Australia advanced to the semifinals of the Super-12 round on Saturday, November 6, after two Group-1 matches.

Australia strengthened their position by defeating the West Indies by 8 wickets in the first match based on their batting. South Africa beat England by 10 runs in the second match. However, the team is away for the semi-finals. Despite the defeat, England secured their place in the semi-finals. Australia also benefited. Finally .. T20 World Cup 2021 points table position changed.

The semi-final fight in Group-1 lasted till the last day. The last matches of the group were played on Saturday. From these two matches it was decided which two teams would reach the semi-finals. England, Australia and South Africa have 8-8 points after the final match of the group round. The only difference between the three teams, however, is the net run rate. The same became decisive.

Point table after SA vs ENG match: Group-1

Following the defeat, England fell to NRR +2.464. However it is still higher than any other team in Group 1. So England continued to be number one in the group. Australia, who have won two major matches in a row at the same time, have a run rate of +1.216. So the team finished second.

South Africa’s run rate, which was third in the victory over England, was not greatly affected. +0.739. Sri Lanka are fourth in the group with 4 points, followed by the West Indies (2 points) and Bangladesh (0 points).

Point table after SA vs ENG match: Group-2

At the same time, all eyes are now on Group 2, the only Pakistan team to reach the semifinals so far. According to the points table, New Zealand is in second place with 6 points and is competing hard for the semifinals. Teamindia is in third place. This is exactly 4 points behind Afghanistan. But the NRR is much better.

Afghanistan is in fourth place. Namibia (2 points) are fifth in the group, while Scotland (0 points) have already exited the tournament. The semi-final decision could come from this group from tomorrow’s Afghanistan vs New Zealand match. New Zealand need only one victory.

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