T20 World Cup 2021: They want to run if IPL is played .. That is why they lost .. Wasim Akram .. | ‘They think IPL is enough’: Akram says India ‘not taking international series seriously’, identifies ‘biggest mess up’

T20 World Cup 2021: They want to run if IPL is played .. That is why they lost .. Wasim Akram ..

Vasim Akram

Criticisms of Team India continue to mount. Recently former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram spoke on India’s failures. He said that India was performing poorly in the ongoing T20 World Cup due to the lack of international cricket in limited overs. He said the senior players last played against England in the International Limited Overs Series last March before the T20 World Cup. He clarified that despite the recent participation of players in the Indian Premier League, no league cricket meets international cricket standards.

“India last played a limited overs series with all the senior players in March. Now we are in November. So it makes sense that they would not take those international series seriously. They think it will be enough if they play IPL. You play so much in league cricket. The world you want. When playing league cricket, you will find one or two good bowlers in the opposing team. In international cricket, you have five good bowlers, ”said Akram. Losing the toss was also said to be one of the reasons for India’s defeat.

“India played three ODIs and three T20Is in Sri Lanka at the end of July. However, the senior players did not participate in these matches. In Sunday’s match, India lost to New Zealand by eight wickets, complicating the semi-final chances, ”he said. Akram also erred in sending Rohit to third position. “It simply came to our notice then. This is an arbitrary game. India has made a lot of mistakes. When the toss is lost, I think they are mentally a little behind. The biggest confusion is sending Rohit Sharma to third. He was sent as the opener in a crucial, do-or-die match, ”Akram pointed out.

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