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With the passing away of Tarakaratna, the film industry was cast in a shadow of sadness. Along with respect for elders, he is known for being gentle in the industry.

Tarakaratna: This star from far away... Grandfather's name is the name of the children

Tarakaratna with His Kids

Another star has fallen on the Telugu screen. Nandamuri Tarakaratna passed away due to heart attack. Tarakaratna, who took part in Yuvagalam padayatra organized by Nara Lokesh in Kuppam last month on 27th of this month, suffered a heart attack. He breathed his last on Saturday night after undergoing treatment for 23 days at Bangalore Narayana Heart Temple. The Nandamuri family was plunged into an endless tragedy due to this incident. Tarakaratna’s daughter wept bitterly near her father’s dead body. Along with prominent people in the industry, TDP leaders and activists are expressing deep shock over Tarakaratna’s death.

Tarakaratna is known for being gentle. He kept trying his best till the end to get success in movies. There is no controversy in his name except that he had a love marriage. Even when he went to any TDP political events, he did not make speeches targeting others. He used to talk only about the goodness of his party, grandpa and babai. Family means a lot to Tarakaratna. Grandfather Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao means extreme devotion and respect. His children were named after their grandfather. Tarakaratna-Alekhya Reddy couple have three children.

First daughter was born and named Nishka. After that twins (a baby boy, a baby boy) were born. They were named Tanyaram and Reya. The Tarakaratna couple planned that the first English letters of their names would be NTR (Nishka, Tanayram, Reya). Tarakaratna’s friends say that he gave these names because of his fondness for his grandfather.

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