Tarakaratna’s wife who made an emotional post for the first time..!

The recent demise of Nandamuri hero Tarakaratna left their family alone. It brings tears especially to those who see his wife and children losing Tarakaratna. Meanwhile, every photo related to Tarakaratna is also going viral on social media. It is in this context that Tarakaratna’s wife Alekhya Reddy’s emotional post on the occasion of Tarakaratna’s birthday for the first time can be said to be touching more people.

Recently she wished her husband a special day. As it is Tarakaratna’s birthday on 22nd February, this matter is making them more distressed. Tarakaratna, who used to celebrate every birthday happily with her family members, now can’t bear to be away from them. Alekhya Reddy also shared her love by posting a photo of her husband on social media for the first time.

Happy birthday best father .. best husband.. and a good humane person.. I miss you so much.. Love you so much Alekhya Reddy said on social media explaining her love for her husband in a very emotional way. She also shared photos with her daughter. Currently, the photos related to this are becoming viral.

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