That’s why it’s a bad time for the Bollywood industry.. What is the real reason movie critics are saying..?

Bad time continues for Bollywood industry. What is the reason for this? What are the movie critics saying?

Lately Bollywood time is not good at all. Apart from one or two big hits, not a single notable film from Bollywood has reached the audience. But in this matter, the fault of the makers is more, according to movie critics. There is talk that even the content has wasted a chance to become a hit with stereotypical formulas. Comedy genre films are mostly seen in Bollywood for the last decade. Action, drama, romance… any genre of stories… comedy should be compulsory in it. A comedy trend that worked out well at the start… Raanu Raanu bored the audience. In the end, critics criticize that even an action movie like Suryavanshi failed due to unnecessary comedy.

Salman Khan’s recent movie Radhe is also being talked about as the reason for its failure. In the trailer and teaser, the movie was projected as a serious action drama, but the fans could not digest it as they tried to make people laugh in the theater. That is why this movie was rejected is an analysis.

Young hero Tiger Shroff also failed because of comedy. Heropanti 2, which was made with a huge budget, was a flop at the box office. According to analysts, comedy is also the reason for the failure of this movie. The final conclusion is that Nawazuddin’s comedy, especially in the villain character, is not a plus for the film, but a loss.

Despite the series of failures due to comedy, Bollywood is not abandoning the genre. In the movies that are getting ready for release soon, comedy portions are seen a bit more. The makers have given a hint in the trailer that Katrina…Phone Booth is also a comedy movie, which is being made in the horror genre.

Comedy seems to be the main attraction in the recently released trailer of Bedia. Although there is a chance of making it as a serious thriller, the makers of North are projecting Bedia as a comedy thriller. And even with these movies, it remains to be seen whether comedy will work out in Bollywood.

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