That’s why Jagapathi Babu stopped going to movie functions..!

Jagapathi Babu has gained fame as an actor, villain and character artist in the Telugu film industry. It has been 35 years since he entered the industry. Entering the industry with a film background as the son of famous producer VB Rajendraprasad, he took a long time to get success in the industry. Failures are more haunting than success in this industry. Jagapathi Babu changed his range by entering not only as a hero but also as a villain at a time when he was facing many difficulties.

Currently, he is busy with a series of films as a villain. Recently, Jagapathi Babu, who participated in an interview on the occasion of his birthday, shared many things with the media.. He said.. It has been 34 years since he entered the industry. But like everyone else, I don’t know much about doing other businesses other than movies.. I don’t know much about meeting with four people.

Like everyone else, I can’t think commercially and behave commercially.. maybe that’s why I’ve fallen behind.. and lately I’ve stopped going to film functions too. Jagapathi Babu clarified that because I am tired of praising everyone on the stage in the movie functions.. I don’t need to push everyone on the stage from the front.. That’s why I stopped going to the movie functions.

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