The complete wedding photos of the heroine have gone viral..!!

There is nothing special to say about heroine Poorna in the Telugu film industry. She is mostly hot exposing and acting in many films. A few days ago, she shocked everyone by saying that her marriage was over. However, on the occasion of Diwali festival, she gave an unexpected treat to her fans. Poorna has recently shared photos related to her wedding from her Instagram. She mostly acted in bold roles.

And Poorna informed that she is married to a Dubai Indian businessman, Shanid Asif Ali. Recently, she gave a shock with a surprise while sharing her wedding photos. After the full engagement took place in the month of May, she shared some photos of herself with her future groom after the engagement was over.

So she shared her happiness with her fans. And the news that there will be a complete marriage in November has become very viral. But recently in a media response, Poorna gave a twist saying that their marriage took place on 12th June.

Just because of some reasons they made it known that their wedding was very grand in Dubai among their close relatives. When it comes to full wedding photos, it looks like a basket full of jewels in a silk saree. The bride looks more beautiful in the dress.

It can be said that Purna stood there as an attraction with her beauty that made the girls around her jealous. And if we see these photos, we understand that their marriage was held according to Muslim tradition. Currently, these wedding photos related to Poorna are becoming viral.

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