The reason for Pawan Kalyan’s first marriage to be a secret..?

It is known that Power Star Pawan Kalyan is in the news for three marriages from time to time. Pawan Kalyan’s first wife is Nandini Reddy and nobody knows much about her but everyone knows about her second wife Renu Desai. They also had two children. But due to some reasons the two got separated. Later Pawan Kalyan married a girl named Anna Lezhinova.

Apart from all this, director Geetakrishna has revealed some things that no one knows about the first wife Nandini. He also told the reason why the first marriage should be done secretly by the elders.. Geeta Krishna said.. Pawan Kalyan’s first wife Nandini is our cousin.. Polavaram gave my sister and Nandini also belongs to them. . We saw Nandi at a young age. Geetakrishna said that when Nagarjuna went to the shooting of the movie, they used to sit in their house because of the rain, then they called the girl a child.

I saw the girl once again but I don’t know when the marriage took place.. When they got married again while in Mumbai, Nandini’s father came and showed the album together. He said that even though they wanted to make the wedding grand, Pawan didn’t agree, so at the last minute, they simply did not tell anyone in Shirdi. It is known that both of them broke up due to some personal reasons.

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