There are gays in our family.. hence that experience.. Anasuya..!

Anasuya, who is recognized as a glamor beauty on the screen, needs no special introduction. The fuss she makes on social media is not normal. But now this cutie is in the news once again with hot comments. Anasuya, who shares her photos and family videos on social media, occasionally holds an Ask Me Anything session with netizens and answers the questions asked by the netizens. Recently, Anasuya was chatting with her fans on social media. In this sequence, a netizen asked Anasuya a puzzled question.

If you are a really mature and liberal woman answer my question.. Have you had such experiences with lesbians? He asked Anasuya directly.. Such questions usually annoy celebrities a bit. They question whether there is intelligence. But Anasuya was there.. That’s why she answered that question very bravely and boldly. There are many gays in our family and friends.. but personally I have not had any lesbian experience. But I have faced the experience many times online.

Netizens are also shocked by that answer. Everyone is wondering what made her answer so openly.. Usually, when netizens comment on such things, she gets very fired up. Most importantly, when the family comes into play, they don’t stand still.

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