They are talking into my bedroom and bathroom.. Naresh

Naresh Pavitri Lokesh has become a hot topic in the industry for the past few years. There are rumors that both of them are in a relationship. Even though there is a lot of fuss on social media, these two keep saying that there is nothing between them. But they shared a video on social media saying that they are going to get married on December 31. Naresh’s third wife Ramya Raghupathi made a big fuss after this video went viral. After that, Naresh clarified that all this was done only for the film. Still there are many news and rumors about their relationship, but recently Naresh has come under fire.

Actor Naresh has been furious over the news that he is in a relationship with Pavitri Lokesh for the past few years. Speaking on this occasion, Naresh.. “They are talking about the whole personal affairs of that person without the actual person as if he is hiding in his bedroom in the bathroom. By doing this, some are making money and some are taking money. There are three types of people among them. One speaks under the name of social worker. Another speaks in the name of a film critic. Film critics should talk about the film. But what do you have to do with the personal lives of movie stars.. Their lives are theirs. Yet there are many social problems for social workers. There are many people without food. It should be talked about.. but why are they intruding into our personal lives. Some marriage counselors are also speaking for us, someone has to fight on these issues, that’s why I have come..” said Naresh.

But many people are fixated that Naresh is already in a relationship with Pavitri Lokesh. Especially the fact that both of them are seen as a couple wherever they are seen, and that even when Superstar Krishna is dead, Naresh is seen accompanying Pavitri has added more strength to these rumours. Also, when both of them were staying in a hotel, Naresh’s third wife Ramya Raghupathi went there and had a fight, but Naresh still claims that there is nothing between them.

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