Tim Paine: Australia Test captain in ‘sexting’ controversy .. Tim Paine resigns as captain .. | Tim Paine Quits As Australia Test Captain Over ‘Sexting’ Scandal

Tim Paine: Australia's Test captain in 'sexting' controversy .. Tim Paine resigns as captain ..

Tim Paine

Tim Pine resigns as Australia Test captain Pine announced his departure from the captaincy at a news conference in Hobart on Friday afternoon. The 36-year-old Pine has resigned as Australian Test cricket captain following an inappropriate “private text exchange” with his colleague. Pine became the 46th Australian Test captain in March 2018. “Today I have decided to step down as captain of the Australian men’s Test team. It was a very difficult decision. But it was the right decision for me and my family. “

“About four years ago I was engaged in a text exchange with a colleague at the time. Cricket Tasmania HR research at the same time found that Cricket Australia did not violate the Code of Conduct. Despite being acquitted I deeply regretted this incident at the time. I talked to my wife and family at the time. ” Said. “However, I recently learned that this private text exchange is about to go public. My actions in 2017 did not correspond to the level of Australian cricket captain or the wider community. I’m deeply sorry for the inconvenience. The suffering I caused to my wife, my family and the other party. Forgive me for damaging the reputation of our sport. I believe that standing up is the right decision. I do not want this to be an undesirable obstacle for the team ahead of the Ashes series. ” Said.

“I loved my role as captain of the Australian cricket team. Leading the Australian men’s Test team has been the greatest fortune of my life. I am grateful for the support of my colleagues. ” Said. “I apologize to the fans and the entire cricket community for the disappointment. I am with a family that is amazingly supportive. It breaks my heart to know how frustrated I was with them. They have always stood by me. I am a committed member of the Australian cricket team. ”
Pine joins the wicket-keeper-batter squad to become the next Test captain after being suspended from the ball tampering team in South Africa involving former captain Steve Smith, vice-captain David Warner and Cameron Boncraft. Pine sent inappropriate messages to a female colleague in 2017.

What is sexting?
Sexting is the sharing of nude photos and videos of men and women with each other. Sending sexually explicit messages also comes down to sexting.

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