Tollywood: Sparkles in the waist.. Seduction with blue eyes.. Who is this beauty?


There are many beautiful actresses who are not lucky enough to be lucky. Although the beauty is drying up, the offers are stopping at a short distance. This cutie is also one in that list. Has anyone found the girl who is ravishing with the beauty of her waist in the above photo..? This sale was once full craze. This little girl pierced the heart of the boy with her beautiful appearance. Who is this Vayyari Bhama? There is also a small hint for you, this cute girl is mostly in the news.

Poonam Bajwa, who once impressed the youth, is not the cutie seen in the above photo. She made her debut as a heroine with Navdeep’s first film. Poonam acted as the second heroine in Akkineni Nagarjuna starrer Baas. After that she got good recognition with the movie Run. This Bhama was last seen in the Telugu NTR Kathanayakudu movie.

And this sale is very active on social media. Lately, the dose of glamor has increased and is impressing the fans. Poonam also reacts to what happens in the society in her own style. Currently she is acting in Tamil and Malayalam movies. Also waiting for opportunity in Telugu.

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