Tollywood: Srikanth, have you seen how Madha is doing now? Kundanapu doll.. | Have you seen Hero Srikanth’s daughter Medha, She has beauty which heroines don’t have Telugu News

Now Medha is as beautiful as a Kundana doll. Fans want her to enter the industry and do good roles.

Senior actor Srikanth and former actress Uhula Garalapatti Medha are likely to enter Telugu films. In 2016, Srikanth Tanayudu Roshan impressed the audience with his looks and acting skills in Akkineni Nagarjuna’s romantic drama ‘Nirmala Convent’. Roshan got even better with his second film ‘Pelli Sanadi’. He is eager to get a good hit. Intelligence is also very beautiful. If you look at it normally, you will think that she is a heroine. Medha was trained in classical dance since childhood. It seems that Srikanth, Uah.. is excited to introduce her to the Telugu audience. There are chances of introducing her if the right script is found.

Medha who completed present plus two joined in the degree. In an interview with TV9, she said that the focus is on present education.. She will soon think about entering films. Medha loves to play basketball. She said that her elder brother Roshan used to beat her since childhood…now she has stopped. Srikanth and Imagination taught their children..along with education..good manners..humility..methodology. Many filmmakers feel ashamed if their children speak in their mother tongue. But the children of Srikanth’s imagination are gems.. they speak very clear Telugu. Elders are respected. Kinchet is also proud. Let us also want such people to grow.

Medha Meka

Medha Meka

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