Tollywood: The multiverse trend that is spreading in the south.. Continue from Kamal movie..


The multiverse trend has started recently on the Indian screen. But Hollywood cinema has been applying this formula on the silver screen since time immemorial. Weston makers are becoming more successful by showing super hit characters in two different movies on the same screen. Especially, these types of movies are being made with superhero characters. The audience also likes such movies. But as far as the multiverse trend is concerned… can we forget Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Vikram movie…? Universal star Kamal Haasan got a big hit after a long time with the movie Vikram. The success of the film did not bring Kamal his former glory. Hype has also increased in the case of upcoming movies. After the success of one Vikram, the news of four sequels is now going viral.

Till now in south we have seen multiverse concepts in gangster movies. In the very near future we will also see the multiverse in the dark empire stories. But the situation in North is different. There, police are helping police and spies are helping spies. Such characters are coming forward with Multiverse in the North.
A director may come up with many such ideas. But the heroes must come forward with the intention of being convinced and inviting innovation. Only then the freshness will be seen in the content. The multiverse, which is mesmerizing everyone at the level of Hollywood, is well received by us. Let’s see if there will be more movies like this.

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