Tollywood: What happened to Tollywood cuties..? Bees suffering from rare diseases Tollywood Heroines Samantha, Anushka Shetty, Renu Desai are suffering from rare diseases, know full details

Kisses are suffering from health problems in a row. Fans are getting worried if they reveal about their health problems one by one.

What happened to the real Tollywood heroines..? Kisses are suffering from health problems in a row. Fans are getting worried if they reveal about their health problems one by one. Her fans, who already know about the star heroine Samantha, could not recover from that sadness. It is known that Samantha is suffering from Mammothitis disease. She has been undergoing treatment for this disease for some time now. How is Samantha doing now? Are you there? Is it like her mammositis disease has completely reduced..? Going to the shootings of the film, it is as if he has fully recovered..? Doing workouts again.. if they are going viral.. is she not happy..? For those who think.. For those who wish.. For those who talk unnecessarily.. ! Samantha gave an update to all those who are concerned about her health. He said how he was dealing with myositis, which was eating away his stamina. Once again everyone is being made emotional.

Also, Renu Desai is a colorful celebrity with a broad perspective. Although she is a Marathi woman by birth, there are no people in Telugu states who do not know her name. Her craze as a Powerstar life companion is different. Renu Desai, who was introduced to the Telugu cinema audience less than a year ago… and then became a Telugu daughter-in-law… changed her carafe to Bhagyanagara… along with her professional life, there are many ups and downs in her married life. Thus it became a habit for her. Now Renudesai has once again made the hearts of fans heavy with a profound message. Renu has revealed the top secrets about her illness that only her closest friends know about. Her post on Insta saying that she has been suffering from a heart related disease for years… She is not getting the strength to face it now… has gone viral. If someone is suffering like me, the purpose of this post is to fill them with courage and positive energy, said Renudesai. Do not lose heart under any circumstances. Stand strong… this world has many surprises planned for us. The inspirational words written by her saying let’s wait for them with a smile are moving the netizens.

It is a well-known fact that there are various diseases among diseases! Few people know that there are some strange diseases in it! Laughing too much.. Crying.. Getting angry.. Touching.. Cursing.. Finally screaming.. Yawning..! Some disease in the world comes down. But all these are diseases without any problem. In the list of non-harmful diseases, they are placed in rare diseases. But now it is hot news that our star heroine Sweety also has such a rare disease.

Anushka, who earned a name as a star heroine in Tollywood, is recently suffering from a rare disease. There are four ways to laugh, don’t you agree? S! Because… if he starts laughing… he can’t stop. They keep laughing for about 20 minutes. Our sweetie can’t stop laughing even if the people around her are feeling crazy. But it’s not someone who said this.. it’s our sweetie

S! Sweety said that once she starts laughing, she doesn’t stop laughing for 15 to 20 minutes. She said that she has been trying to control this disease ever since. But Google is giving a shocking result about Anushka’s abnormal smile. It is quoted as nervous system disorder. It is called pathological laughter and crying. It says that some nerves in the brain will be damaged due to this.. There is no specific treatment but.. it is said that the chance of cure is high.

Also, Phiyabaz Pai who acted as the second heroine in the movie Rangam starring Tamil hero Jeeva. She said that she is also suffering from myositis. She said that as soon as she came to know that she had myositis, she did not even tell them about it at home. Her comments about her disease are going viral on social media.

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