Tollywood: Yesterday Chiranjeevi.. Now Nagarjuna.. Top heroes showing interest in politics..

The Ghost Nagarjuna

Tollywood top heroes are increasing the heat with political comments. They are making political comments saying that they are away from politics. While Chiranjeevi created waves with his political dialogues at the pre-release function of Godfather…Latest, Nagarjuna spoke on politics at the trailer launch event of “The Ghost”. He dismissed the campaign against him for a few days with a single word. They decided that no politics – no interest.

Nagarjuna denied the campaign that he would contest as Vijayawada MP in the upcoming elections. As a political leader in reel life it is ok, but in real life they said no. Nagarjuna clarified that he is away from politics at present. He said that there is no truth in the campaign that he will contest as Vijayawada MP. He said that every time there is an election, he is being campaigned like this.

They simply concluded that they have been writing articles on him for 15 years by putting a link to some party. Nagarjuna, who said no to politics in real life, said that if he gets a good story, he wants to act as a political leader.

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