TOP 9 ET News: Break for RC15.! Again Shankar | Directed by Trivikram. NTR mythological movie.! | Tollywood TOP 9 Entertainment News video on 16 02 2023 Telugu Entertainment video

OMG! Shankar is traveling in two boats.? Are you doing two films at the same time? Both will not turn into a bad boy, will they..? The comment comes unintentionally when you know the matter. Oops..

01. Rc 15 Schedule Break Director Shankar Starts Indian 2 Shooting

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OMG! Shankar is traveling in two boats.? Are you doing two films at the same time? Both will not turn into a bad boy, will they..? The comment comes unintentionally when you know the matter. Hey..Cherry’s movie got a break..? A sad expression will come on your face after this pack dries.? Watch if you want!

02. Ramcharan revealed he has a huge crush on Julia Roberts

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If we see the people we like. The hormone dopamine is also released in the brain. Caffeine feels better than nicotine. The blood in the stomach is running like waves.. it also makes our body spin. Now Mega Power Star Ram Charan also feels the same when he sees that heroine. You should also see that.

03. Ntr Trivikram To Collaborate For A Pan India Film In Near Future Says Producer Naga Vamshi

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Anyone can do social in movies. But mythical! Few can do it. They directly touch the heart of the audience sitting in front of them with their acting.. with their gestures.. Without turning a blind eye.. clearly speaking dialogues.. whispering in their ears. They make me forget. Jest wait and see.. Tarak will also do the same very soon. It will be opened with mythology.

04. Samantha Valentine’s Day Post Viral in Social Media

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Come on! It’s Valentine’s Day! Excited.. between the couples who enjoyed it.. between the celebrity pairs..! Between their tweets and posts.. Samantha also appeared with a post. Hey..! Sam also fell in love again..? They made everyone think that. With that post.. with his love matter.. even two days after Vday.. Nettinta is trending.

05. Trivikram Srinivas Said I Love You To Samyuktha Menon In Sir Movie Pre Release Event

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The first name that comes to mind as Guruji is Trivikram..! He is also extremely popular with that name..! Even his words remind me of Guruji..! But this is Guruji..! For fun..! He turned into a hero on stage. Not only changed.. you also say I love view to a heroine in front of everyone!

06. ‘It was already known that the film would flop’ Producer Nagavamsi Shocking Commenst on Buttabomma Movie

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Like a line… listen to a story.. or read a script… can anyone tell me if a movie will be a hit..? Can’t say it..! Even if you know that a movie will flop…can you make it? Can’t screen it.. ! Stop screening… Can you release it even in theatres..? No one would do such an adventure..? But Tivikram, who is recognized as a guru in the industry, did this. They know that the movie will be a flop, so they released the movie in theaters.

07. Lets Celebrate Sharukh Khans Pathaan Movie Says Yash Raj Films & flat ₹ 110/- Discount on Pathaan shows at PVRCinemas

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Unsold goods are sold at a discount. Plot percentage.. upto percent.. they offer on offers. They are also tempted to buy. But now our Bollywood makers are following this same rule.. this same strategy. If not… the super duper hit mall is selling at a discount. The principle of demand and supply is being changed.

08. Janhvi Kapoor Photoshoot Happened In Hyderabad For Ntr 30

I remember watching the same news from a year ago.. ! Listening to the same news..! But finally.. I have been listening to this news ever since! Now it is coming true. That news..! Now this news that you are going to hear.. will definitely excite you too.

09. Has Aditya Roy Kapur, Ananya Pandey fall in love

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Do young celebrities work in Bollywood? Love always.. Like mosquitoes.. Can’t turn away..? Can’t stay in the trend that has attracted social media..? South netizens who know this matter say. What is the matter.. another love matter! Even after two days of Love Day, it is still a trending issue.

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