TOP9 ET Show: What happened to Cherry Swami Mala? The only Indian hero who achieved that feat.. | Tollywood breaking updates top 9 et news video on 23 02 2023

Rajeev Rayala

Rajeev Rayala |

Updated on: Feb 23, 2023 | 8:08 PM

Chiru’s enthusiasm is increasing. With the success his son is achieving.. with the way he is growing.. with the wonders he is creating.. with the buzz he is making globally.. this excitement keeps doubling.

Sami went to the mall and flashed in eye-catching clothes. They transformed from simple looks to trendy looks. With his looks.. with the craze of fans who came to see him.. he heated up the cool weather in America. Even the security there was made to sweat. American ABC media has been called ‘Baboy’. Who is this? Mana Magadhirudu.. Mega Power Star Ramcharanu!

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