Trolls on Ajith.. Pawan Kalyan’s poster copied?

Kollywood star hero Ajith His latest film is Tunivu. This film is directed by H Vinoth.

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It is known that Boney Kapoor is producing this movie along with these studios Ajith Kumar first look poster was released by the movie makers.

That poster in Ajith Ajith is sitting in a tall chair holding a gun and seems to be thinking about something. Also, Ajith is looking a bit stylish with glasses, white beard and good hairstyles.

  Ajith Copied Vakeel Saab Poster, Ajith, Vakeel Saab, Tollywood, Trolls-Trolls on Ajith..Pawan Kalyan copied poster-Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo

But so far so good poster Shortly after the release Pawan Kalyan fans Ajith From Vakil Saab Copy beat They started making a lot of noise on social media.Vakil Saab In the movie Pawan Kalyan He sits in a van and reads books with his legs spread.

But Sam nailed it Ajith Copy He said he did Ajith Pi Started trolling Pawan Kalyan fans

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Regarding Ajith Key poster ni, Pawan Kalyan poster They are trolling by saying that they are the same by putting you side by side. If you look at those photos Ajith Copy It seems that it has been done. Many posters are responding to this matter Copy Instead of beating, they are giving advice to think in a new way.

And on this matter the movie makers as well as the hero Ajith It remains to be seen how they will react. In recent times, many heroes have also used some scenes from other heroes’ films. Copy beat It is known that the news is being heard.


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