Turned like a brownie!! Trolls on Nivedha’s look!!

Body Shaming Comments

Niveda Thomas! There is a comment in the industry that even though he is a bit short, he has ease in acting. Filmy lovers are of the opinion that acting is very natural. The filmmakers are confident that they can cultivate any character. That’s why she also has a huge fan following in Telugu two states. But this beauty, who has gained such a good name in a short time of absence, is currently shocking everyone with just one Insta video. Not only is it shocking.. but it is making everyone feel the doubt that she is the news.. S! Recently, Niveda made a dance video with her younger brother Nikhil.. In that video, she looks very fat. Many people can’t believe that this beauty, who was thin till yesterday, has become chubby all of a sudden. They are making memes saying that the heroine has turned into brownie. They are trolling with body shaming comments.

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