Upasana Konidela: Upasana who took revenge.. The cherry that broke the legs.. What actually happened??

Upasana Konidela

Small quarrels..! The waves that come after those fights..! The waves that come after the appeasement..hugs.. In the wife and husband’s journey, if there is no original, there is no more interest. There seems to be a relationship between them. After all, in the wedding.. this journey seems to be the real kicker.! That is why this revenge relationship is said to be the fun factor in love life and married life. Our heroes are making films on these. Outsiders are making reels and going viral. However, the netizens showed Upasana and Cherry fit in this revenge relationship frame. Edited the video in timing with perfect sync.. Now everyone is laughing. Unfortunately, they are making the comment that it is cherry. Apart from outdoor shootings.. Upasana accompanies Cherry to some events.. Recently, Allu Studios also went to the opening ceremony with her husband Cherry as a special guest. But there she was with her husband sitting on the sofa next to her.

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