Venkatesh’s daughter with hot tattoo in that place..!

In recent times many have acted as child artistes and now they are trying to get success by using glamor. Among them, Estheru Anil, who played the role of Venkatesh’s daughter in the movie Dhishya 2, deserves a special mention. She is now popular with her hot beauty on social media to do more movies as a heroine, but recently she is being trolled by netizens with more hot dose. This little girl, who appeared in the movie Dhishya, is making waves in Malayalam with her hot beauty as a heroine.

The dose of Ranu Ranu is being increased but not reduced. As a result, criticism is pouring in and another controversy has started against her in this order. This cute lady who entertains the people of today with her photoshoots from time to time on social media is recently in the news with a hot tattoo in the heart place.. Estheru got a tattoo saying ‘Growing in a romantic place’ behind her waist.. She also shared the video of this tattoo on social media.

Netizens are angry at her saying that all this is necessary at such a young age. On the whole, it can be said that she is being trolled for this tattoo.. This is nothing new for Esther Anil. Currently, this cute girl is trying to stand as a heroine while continuing her studies. Let’s see if he will surprise with a new movie soon.

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