Vijay Sethupathi: Supreme Court impatient with Vijay Sethupathi’s behavior..

Vijay Sethupathi

“Just be careful. Don’t forget that you are a star hero!” The court became serious about Vijay Sethupathi. Not only did it get serious.. it also planted berries. That too is not a similar court but the Supreme Court. Actually, why is the Supreme Court so serious about this versatile star? Why did she make such shocking comments. Let’s watch this story to know! Do you remember the incident where Vijay Sethupathi was attacked by a man at Bengaluru airport two years ago..! Now the Supreme Court has made harsh comments on this hero during the trial of the same case. S! Vijay Sethupathi’s friend and bodyguards attacked him.. no no that person attacked them.. After that incident they went to court against each other. But the trial of this case is still pending.. the court that heard it. With Maha Gandhi, this Ptar hero has also grown up.

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