Vijay Varma’s Valentine’s Day post is the same.. The netizens revealed the real thing..

It is known that since few days there are rumors that Tollywood star heroine Tamannaah and Bollywood actor Vijay Varma are in love. But till now there is no information as everyone is waiting for the duo to declare their love officially. But recently, a photo shared by Vijay on the occasion of Valentine’s Day confirmed that the two are in love.

After Tamannaah and Vijay Varma’s romance video surfaced during the New Year celebrations in Goa, everyone understood that the two were in love. After that both of them have been seen as a couple outside once or twice. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, it was not possible for both of them to express their love officially, but Vijay shared a special post. However, he took care not to show their faces in this post. But all the fans who saw this sharpened their tongues and revealed the real thing.

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In Vijay’s Valentine’s Day post, only feet are visible. However, the netizens who inquired about this matter concluded that the photo was theirs. How Vijay Varma shared a picture with a red heart emoji on his Instagram stories. It has two pairs of feet facing each other. But the faces were not visible. However, Tamannaah’s jacket was seen in the pic shared by Vijay. But there is no guarantee that the jacket is theirs. But a different picture of Tamannaah holding the same jacket was found. Comparing these two pictures, Vijay is confirming that Tamannaah is the one in the Valentine’s Day post.

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