Viral Photo: This two water girl.. now a big celebrity in Telugu.. have you found someone..?

Tollywood Celebrity

Netizens are showing great interest in seeing the childhood photos of celebrities. That’s why stars are sharing their throw back pics. Fans are trending them.. raising dust. Recently, childhood photos of sports stars and business personalities along with many actors are trending. Recently, a childhood photo of a famous TV personality in that category is doing the rounds on social media. Many would have already figured out who she is by looking at the comparisons. Yes.. Correct.. She is a big screen lady superstar Suma.

Sumakka is very busy with pre-release functions, interviews, TV shows. Words, movement. Usually no one believes that she is from Kerala. She speaks Telugu so well. She married actor Rajeev Kanakalu and never became a Telugu girl. It’s enough to start.. her words are the flow of the ocean. It sings with panchus and rhymes. She knows where to have fun and where to get into trouble. A familiar anchor of secularism.

She once again shined on the silver screen after a long time with the movie “Jayamma Panchayati”. Presently her career is in full swing. There are also stars who postponed the pre-release function due to lack of dates. That’s her range. All in all, now Suma is not a person or a celebrity.. It’s a brand.. Netizens are once again viralizing her childhood photo which she shared earlier.

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