Viral Post: Heroine who gave an overwhelming offer.

Deepika Das

If there’s anything in the world that gets more love than humans, it’s children..only dogs. There is no need to mention this. We also love our pet cats and dogs so much..! Similarly, celebrities like big businessmen and movie stars also like pets. If something happens to them, they will be upset. If they get free time, they spend time with them and share their videos on social media. In the same sequence, now a popular actress from the Kannada and Telugu film industry has also put a post on social media about her cat. That post has become viral.

What is the point..? This post was made by Deepika Das who became popular through Kannada Bigg Boss Season 9. A pet cat from Kannada Bhama, who was introduced to the Telugu audience through the film ‘Ee Manase(2014)’ directed by Tollywood director G Krishan Prasad, is currently missing. Deepika, who posted the photo related to this, also said that she will give a reward of Rs. 10,000 to 15,000 to those who find it. He also said that the cat’s name is Shadow. The cat is black in color with brown around the neck. It is a non-Persian male cat. She also asked anyone who knows the whereabouts of the kitten to contact her. This post is making a lot of noise right now.

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Meanwhile, Deepika Das, who is active on social media, got more than 15 thousand likes within two hours of this post. But many of the netizens did not take this post seriously. They are commenting negatively on this. Many commented that ‘humans are not as valuable as cats’. I don’t know if this post will solve Deepika Das’s problem.

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