Virat Kohli-BCCI: BCCI president angry over Kohli’s statement .. What actually happened at the UAE meeting? | BCCI President Sourav Ganguly unhappy with Virat Kohli press conference statement over ODI captaincy removal

It is learned that Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly have made statements against the change of captaincy of the Indian ODI team. This raises questions about the performance of the BCCI.

Virat Kohli-BCCI: BCCI president angry over Kohli's statement .. What actually happened at the UAE meeting?

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Virat Kohli-Sourav Ganguly: India’s Test captain Virat Kohli has announced his resignation from the ODI captaincy on December 15. The ODI captain said he was informed only an hour and a half before the announcement. He made the revelation at a press conference before leaving for a tour of South Africa. Virat Kohli’s statement has sparked criticism of the BCCI’s Sourav Ganguly. Speaking on the removal of Kohli from the ODI captaincy, Ganguly said that he had asked Virat Kohli not to step down from the T20 captaincy but he did not agree.

After the Kohli press conference, many questions were raised about the working style of the BCCI. Along with this, the slanderous propaganda against Ganguly began. According to PTI, the BCCI has spoken to Kohli about his decision to step down from the T20 captaincy. This was discussed at the meeting. There were nine of them. A senior BCCI official said nine people were present when Kohli was asked if it was appropriate for him to step down as T20 captain, according to a PTI report. Among them are five selectors, President Ganguly, Secretary Jaisha, Captain Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

Kohli’s decision comes as a surprise.
The meeting was reportedly held in the UAE in the second half of IPL 2021. They all met through a virtual meeting. However, it was not decided at the time whether Kohli would relinquish the captaincy ahead of the T20 World Cup. So Kohli’s move ahead of the T20 World Cup came as a surprise to the board as well. He said he was stepping down from the T20 captaincy due to workload management.

Ganguly angry over Kohli statement
PTI wrote that it was understood that Ganguly was very angry after Virat Kohli’s statement at a press conference. But, as chairman of the board, he favors collective decision-making. An experienced board official told PTI, “This is a very critical issue for the BCCI. If the board issues a statement, it will prove the captain wrong. If the statement does not come out then questions will arise on the chairman. The board suffered a lot due to Kohli’s statement. The problem is that the communication error is obvious.

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