Vishal: Accident in shooting.. Hero Vishal who saw death within an inch Hero Vishal escapes fatal accident as truck rams movie shooting

Vishal, who is doing his own movie shooting without any dupe, now has an accident which is disturbing the fans. The shooting of Vishal’s movie is currently going on in Chennai.

Hero Vishal once again had an accident while shooting. This is not the first time that accidents have happened in Vishal’s shooting. In the past, he was injured many times in shootings. But this time Vishal was not injured. No matter how risky the shot is.. Vishal’s shooting of his own movie without any dupe is disturbing the fans. The shooting of Vishal’s movie is currently going on in Chennai. A fight scene is being shot as part of this. The fightmasters have prepared everything for this.. But I don’t know where the difference came from. When the action was said, the vehicle suddenly rushed on the fighters. At that time there were many fighters along with Vishal in the scene..

Vishal was on his knees over the moon. The blast happened when the vehicle hit the wall. Later the vehicle should have stopped there but it is not known what happened. It rushed forward without stopping. They got alerted in a moment and ran to the side. However, four people were injured. They were immediately taken to the hospital.

The unit members said that this happened due to a technical issue. Vishal was very lucky to survive. Vishal shared this video on social media. He commented that death was seen a few inches away. Vishal said that the shooting continued as usual. Vishal’s Marc Antony movie is being shot at EVP Filmcity in the suburbs of Chennai. Fortunately, there was no danger of life in this incident at Aspot.. The entire film unit was shocked by this incident.

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