Vivek Agnihotri made sensational comments on Kantara..!!

It is known that the Kannada dubbing movie Kantara, which came with a different concept, is very impressive to the audience. After seeing this movie in Kannada, the top producer Allu Aravind immediately thought wisely and bought the Telugu theatrical rights and released it immediately. This movie is collecting huge collections with house fulls. It has already collected many times more money for the investment. This movie has already received praise from many movie celebrities.

Currently Vivek Agnihotri has also joined that list. He put a post on Twitter praising the movie in a range. “I have just seen the movie Kantara. It is a masterpiece. Rishabh Shetty acted brilliantly. This movie is amazing. He wrote that everyone should watch the movie. He also shared a video.

In that video, Kantara movie gave a new feeling. I have never seen a movie like this. . Rishabh you have acted amazingly. Congratulations to you. I will surely share my opinion with you soon. The ending is unimaginable. This is a must watch movie for everyone, thanks to Rishabh Shetty for making us happy by making such a wonderful movie,” Vivek said in the video. Even though Kantara has released many movies for Diwali, it is still showing its strength at the box office. Let’s wait and see how many more records will be broken.

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