Was Balayya Babu realized in 60s?

Natasimha Balakrishna, the heir of Nandamuri, until recently acted in films intermittently and saw flops, then he made a biopic of his father and saw consecutive flops.. But he came to the audience with the movie Akhanda, who created a sensation once again with the movie Balayya Veera Simhareddy, and stood in competition with Waltheru Veeraiya in Sankranti Bari. This movie also increased the Balayya craze. Now the unstoppable show in Aha OTT has also made full blood. If there is a Balayya episode in this show, the server will crash.

At the same time, Balayya took another step forward.. According to his growing brand value, he became a new brand ambassador.. The other day, Sai Priya Constructions ad, today Vega Jewellery. It seems that the reason why Balayya was realized even in the 60s was Shreyas Media, the biggest media advertising company in the Telugu industry. This company is supplying advertisements on a very large scale in the media field. Balayya is very close to the head of this company, Srinivas, so it is reported that Balayya has come forward for the advertisement of Vega jewellery.

In fact Balayya never appeared in any TV show or advertisement in the past. But he never agreed if his fellow heroes were endorsing Chaka Chaka 4 brands. But now Balakrishna has changed his ways.. Balayya became busy even in the 60s, agreeing to whoever gave him the most money.

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