Watch Video: How did this happen .. Batsmen who reached the pavilion in shock ..! Hateful video | Viral Video: unique dismissal in European Cricket League’s FanCode ECS Cyprus Qualifier match Cyprus Moufflons vs Haidree Lions

Watch Video: How did this happen .. Batsmen who reached the pavilion in shock ..!  Hateful video

European Cricket Viral Video

Viral Video: We watch many videos on cricket. Many videos like run outs and catches have also gone viral on Netflix. However, this is the first video I watch now. It may be the first time in the history of cricket that a batsman strangely joins the pavilion. A batsman joins the pavilion in a special way during the European Cricket League Fancode ECS Cyprus qualifier match between Cyprus Mauflances vs. Hydry Lions at the Ypsonas Cricket Ground in Limassol, Cyprus. With this, the video is currently being hated by the tribe on Netflix.

The batsman tried to hit the lap shot. But, the ball hit the keeper’s helmet and bounced into the gall. The fielder placed on the fly slip for this ball received superbly. Shocked, the batsmen joined the pavilion. Fielders can also be seen in the video a bit surprised. European Cricket shared this video on its Twitter. She shared the video with the caption, “You have never seen an out like this before.”

ECS, on the other hand, has completed 1,000 matches this year. It was a great success for the European Cricket Network. It was started with the aim of promoting cricket as a sport in the non-major cricketing nations of Europe, producing more talent and attracting investment.

This video is making the tribe buzz on Netflix as a batsman joins the pavilion. Netizens also shared their views on the video.

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