Watch Video: It is wrong to dismiss batsmen like this .. Yuvraj Singh expresses anger .. Viral Video | Icc u19 world cup 2022: mankading in uganda papua vs new guinea match; yuvraj singh fires on bolwer

The match between Papua New Guinea and Uganda in the Under-19 World Cup was minked.

Watch Video: It is wrong to dismiss batsmen like this .. Yuvraj Singh who expressed his anger .. Viral video

Icc U19 World Cup 2022

Under 19 World Cup 2022: The cricket world is full of rules. However Mankading Considered very controversial. Indian Premier League(IPL 2022)In, r. With Ashwin dismissing Jose Butler in the same manner, much controversy is known. However, Ashwin then bluntly stated that he had no remorse for his actions and would do the same every time. Mankading is also being used by young players in his path. The cricketing world has always been divided over Mankading. Once again the same situation appeared. Under-19 World Cup (U19 World Cup 2022) Appeared in Mankading. Former India all-rounder Yuvraj Singh was unimpressed because of this.

Mankading is the act of running out a batsman before the ball is bowled. In 1947, Indian bowler Vinoo Mankad dismissed Bill Brown during a tour of Australia, the oldest record for Mankad in international cricket. However, Mankad warned Brown several times. It was placed in the runout category. The same was seen at the U19 World Cup. Papua New Guinea batsman knocked out by Uganda player Mankading. However, the former India all-rounder was not happy about this.

Mankading in the Under-19 World Cup too ..
The match between Uganda and Papua New Guinea took place on Friday for the 13th place playoff in the Under-19 World Cup. Joseph Baguma is bowling the 10th over of the match. Papua New Guinea batsman John Carico is at the non-striker end. Was outside the crease. Baguma fired him by slowing down. John could not even open his account.

Yuvraj, Shamsi express anger
Yuvraj also shared his views on the ICC post. He wrote that it was definitely wrong. Along with Yuvraj, South African Tabrez Shamsi also expressed regret. ‘If the batsman steps out of his crease before throwing the ball, there is nothing wrong with the bowler manculating him. If the bowler crosses the line by mistake he will be penalized for giving no ball. The ball is given a free hit. Some want the batsmen to have the same punishment.

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