Watch Video: Pak bowler who injured batsman for hitting six .. Bangla fans who want to be banned from the series ..! | Bangladesh vs Pakistan, 2nd T20I: Pakistan Star Bowler Shaheen Afridi hits afif hossain with a wild throw after getting hit for six

Watch Video: Pak bowler who injured batsman for hitting six .. Bangla fans who want to be banned from the series ..!

Ban Vs Pak Shaheen Afridi

Bangladesh vs Pakistan: Pakistan star fast bowler Shaheen Afridi is in the news once again. This time, however, Shaheen Afridi was trolled on social media not only for his bowling but also for his bizarre behavior on the field. The debate over whether to ban him is also ongoing. Shaheen Afridi hits Bangladesh batsmen in the second T20I match against Bangladesh. Shaheen Afridi’s throw towards Afif Hussain, who was standing at the crease, hit his leg. The video shows the batsmen falling to the ground in pain.

Shaheen Afridi is angry that this is leading to controversy. In fact, Afridi bowled the third over. Afif Hussain hit a brilliant six off his second ball. Shaheen Afridi was outraged. Afif Hussain played the ball gracefully for the next ball and the ball went straight to Shaheen. Shaheen showed his anger in the form of a ball .. He grabbed the ball and threw a straight throw towards the batsmen. With that the ball hit Afif Hussain’s feet very hard.

Shaheen Afridi’s anger subsided as soon as Afif Hussain was injured. Afridi went to the batsmen and picked him up. Pakistan captain Babur Azam also inquired about Afif’s welfare. Afif limped. However he was not seriously injured. Cricket fans did not like the move by Shaheen Afridi. They are demanding that the player reduce their match fees and be banned from one match.

James Pattinson was also banned.
Shaheen Afridi and James Pattinson also made headlines with a similar move on the field. During the Sheffield Shield match he hit the opposing batsmen. That intensified the player. Following this action, James Pattinson imposed a cut in match fees and was banned from one match. It remains to be seen whether such action will be taken against Shaheen Afridi.

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