What did the lady fan do with the madness of Darling..

It is known that Pan India star hero Prabhas has a good craze all over the world..One movie completely changed his craze. Baahubali directed by the same director Dhiru Rajamouli..Baahubali series also increased his popularity abroad. That’s why all his movies are releasing abroad. Directors are also preparing stories keeping Panworld in mind. Adipurush, Salaar, Project-K and Spirit in which Prabhas is acting are all Pan India movies. Everyone is waiting to see Darling when it will come to theaters.

Today (October 22) is the birthday of Prabhas, who has a worldwide fan base. Let’s find out how much craze this hero, who fans fondly call Darling, has. Prabhas became a pan India star with Baahubali. His craze increased immensely with this film. That’s why some hotels are still using Baahubali’s name for their promotions. Special dishes like Baahubali Thali, Paratha, Kattappa Biryani, Bhallaladeva Patiala Lassi, Sivagami Shahi Pakwan are being added to the menu to impress the customers. Baahubali Thali is still in high demand.

Already some toy companies have made Baahubali dolls and grown their business into three flowers and six fruits. In Japan, the young rebel star has many fans. To impress them, a hotel there is promoting their food products by pasting Prabhas’ photo on the packaging of a spicy dish. Once all Japanese lady fans came to our country just to meet Prabhas. Some photos were taken in front of his house and posted on social media. A fan got a Baahubali tattoo on his back to show his love for Prabhas. Now a lady fan from Russia has expressed her love by saying ‘Love Prabhas’ without getting a tattoo on her back. This is going viral right now..

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