What happened to Pawan Kalyan?

Mega Power Star Pawan Kalyan is busy without leisure.. It seems that Pawan Kalyan, who is always busy with films on one side and politics on the other, is now slightly ill. That’s why the shooting of the remake of the Tamil film ‘Vinodayya Seetham’, which was supposed to start soon, has been postponed. But Pawan Kalyan has been following a special diet for the past few days for this film. Pawan is doing a lot of exercises as he needs to look slim for that character.

But recently there are whispers in Filmnagar that Pawan Kalyan has fallen slightly ill. That’s why the shooting of this movie has been postponed. Pawan Kalyan, who was involved in the shooting of the movie ‘Hari Hara Veeramallu’ till January, has now given a temporary break to the shooting of the movie #OG, Vinodoyya Seetha Remake On the other hand he also planned his political activities on the other hand. From the end of next month, he is going to make a political tour across the state on his Varahi vehicle.

Moreover, Pawan Kalyan has given instructions to the main leaders of Jana Sena to prepare a route map for that. But now, due to his illness, it is said that along with the shootings, this trip is also likely to be postponed. After learning about this, Pawan Kalyan has recovered quickly and is active in his film and political activities. They are praying to that god to participate. Sources close to Pawan Kalyan say that he could not come to see Tarakaratna yesterday due to severe illness..What happened to Pawan Kalyan and how he is now is to be known..

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