Whether it’s a hit or a flop, that’s what I do.. Nagashaurya’s comments are viral!

Young hero of Tollywood Naga Shaurya Latest movie starring Krishna Vrinda Vihari.to this movie Anish R Krishna Directed.

  Naga Shaurya About His Movie Result , Naga Shaurya , Tollywood ,krishna Vrinda Vihari ,anil Ravipudi , Anish R Krishna,krishna Vrinda Vihari Pre Release Event-TeluguStop.com

Producer Usha Malpuri has produced this movie under the banner of Aira Creations Naga Shaurya Opposite Shirley Setia acted as the heroine.

This movie will be released worldwide on September 23 Film free release event Organized by the film team.

  Naga Shaurya About His Movie Result , Naga Shaurya , Tollywood ,Krishna Vrinda Vihari ,Anil Ravipudi , Anish R Krishna,Krishna Vrinda Vihari Pre Release Event-I do the same thing even if it hits or flops.. Naga Shaurya Comments Viral-,Top Story-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

The director of this program Anil Ravipudi Hero Naga Shaurya spoke as part of this event.

This movie has good content i am I bravely marched and stood in front of the people. Naga Shaurya said that I will bow my head and take the verdict of the audience no matter if this film is released, whether it is a hit or a flop. It took two and a half years to complete this film.

Nagashaurya said that due to the corona epidemic, many problems have arisen for this film, as well as financial problems Even if Even the producers of this movie are standing very bravely for my mother and for the film unit and are waiting for good dates and bringing the movie to the audience in a grand manner.

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Like this I am really lucky to have grandparents Nageshaurya said that after talking about the director Anish Krishna, he praised him as a director with a good heart. He told a very good story. He made this film as amazingly as he told a good story. I am confident that he is going to give a good film. Also, there is a crucial scene in the film. It is a scene that decides the life of the film. That one scene was brilliantly written by Lakshmi Bhupalgaru, said Nagashaurya.


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