Will there be a sequel to Ponnayan Selvan’s movie?

Ponnayan Selvan released yesterday under the direction of legendary director Mani Ratnam. Mani Ratnam has mentioned this movie as his dream project for 30 years. Mani Ratnam tried to make this film with many star heroes, but in the end Mani Ratnam decided to make this film with Tamil actors. It stars Vikram, Aishwarya Rai, Trisha Jayam Ravi, Karthi, Prakash Raj and others. With this, the Tamil audience started making a lot of noise saying that our film will surpass Baahubali.

But it can be said that this film has not created much buzz anywhere else except in Tamil Nadu. Director Mani Ratnam’s films in Telugu have a good craze but this film has not seen much. The film is based on a novel written by Kalki Krishnamurthy, a very popular writer in Tamil. Based on this, the film was made and made the audience more interested. But the news is that this movie failed to impress the average audience.

Everyone who made Ponniyan Selvan-1 is saying the same. There are also reports that Mani Ratnam’s team did not work hard for this film. The news is that the story of this film is started in the middle and left unfinished. It is reported that even the average audience did not connect much with the actors who acted in it. The audience is saying that the emotions and scenes required for such movies are not seen anywhere. There are reports that no other character is given much importance in this film except Karthi’s role. After watching this first part, everyone is wondering whether the film team will dare to start part-2.

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